Xanthan gum-based fluid thickener can lower blood glucose levels after eating, study shows

Xanthan gum-based fluid thickener can lower blood glucose levels after eating, study shows

Kind 2 diabetes mellitus is a standard life-style illness that’s prevalent worldwide. It will probably typically result in issues, resembling ailments of the center, and elevated threat of dying, however preventive measures, resembling a nutritious diet, can cut back these dangers. Now, a research in Japan has proven that xanthan gum-based fluid thickener can decrease blood glucose ranges after consuming.

A number of research have proven that coronary heart ailments and metabolic problems, resembling Kind 2 diabetes, are related to the blood glucose ranges after consuming. Nevertheless, sure meals, just like the condiment vinegar, are reported to assist lower these ranges if eaten with a meal. One other meals product that produces an analogous impact are dietary fibers. These fibers are additionally recognized to extend insulin response, enhance fats metabolism, and have constructive results on the intestine microbiome.

One such soluble fiber, xanthan gum, is utilized in a spread of meals, together with fluid thickeners, to stop aspiration (choking) for sufferers who’ve problem swallowing. Nevertheless, the organic results of fluid thickener on postprandial blood glucose ranges, gene expression within the gastrointestinal tract, and intestine microbiome haven’t been totally clarified. The aim of this research was to find out whether or not fluid thickeners have further results, significantly on postprandial blood glucose ranges associated to gene expression within the gastrointestinal tract and intestine microbiome.

The rats have been divided into two teams; those who have been administered liquid thickened with a xanthan gum-based fluid thickener or saline for five weeks. Oral glucose tolerance take a look at was carried out four weeks after the start of the experiment. The blood glucose ranges of rats have been measured earlier than glucose was given and at set intervals afterwards. The RNA from completely different elements of the gastrointestinal system tissues have been collected for qPCR methodology. Thereafter, the gene expression within the ileum and intestine microbiome have been comprehensively analyzed utilizing a next-generation sequencer, which permits a complete evaluation of the quantity of gene expression and DNA derived from microorganisms by decoding giant portions of DNA sequences at excessive pace.

Outcomes confirmed that blood glucose ranges at 60 and 90 minutes after being given glucose have been considerably decrease in rats given thickened liquid.

The mechanism by which this occurred could be very fascinating. Giving thickened liquid decreased blood glucose ranges related to Glp1 and Glp1r expression within the ileum.”

Haruka Tohara, Senior Writer

Moreover, complete evaluation revealed that ldl cholesterol homeostasis, fatty acid metabolism, and glucose metabolism have been enriched within the ileum.

Intestine microbial composition was additionally altered after consuming the stated thickened liquid. There was a rise within the numbers of two ‘good’ intestinal micro organism, Erysipelotrichales and Christensenellaceae, which is related to Glp1 and Glp1r expression within the ileum. These micro organism produce short-chain fatty acids that shield intestinal and pancreatic cells, which help insulin secretion.

Kind 2 diabetes and coronary heart illness are international phenomena which can be rising in lots of elements of the world. This analysis confirmed that xanthan gum-based fluid thickener can forestall aspiration and likewise help within the enchancment of glucose and lipid metabolism.


Tokyo Medical and Dental College

Journal reference:

Nagasawa, Y., et al. (2022) Xanthan gum-based fluid thickener decreases postprandial blood glucose related to enhance of Glp1 and Glp1r expression in ileum and alteration of intestine microbiome. Journal of Purposeful Meals. doi.org/10.1016/j.jff.2022.105321.

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